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Updated: Aug 28, 2020

School's out, Corona-virus persists, and kids are still hungry! This year, Destiny Community Cafe was determined to ensure both children and teens had at least one guaranteed meal a day, and entirely plant-based at that! The 8-week pilot program's mission remained nourishing kids from low-income families with real, whole foods. Destiny Community Cafe and The Stone Soup Collective joined forces and together provide over 2400 FREE lunches to Charleston-area kids.

Over the summer period, Chefs Tianna Powell, Renee Orth and RaGina Saunders relied on creativity and passion when exploring ways to transform childhood staples into vegan masterpieces (on a budget of course!) The talented women's foodie feats were reinforced with bright smiles and plant-powered energy.

See a few refined, healthy recipes from our Chef's below!

~Spaghetti Bolognese made from Porzio’s pasta sauce fortified with seasonal local veggies that were roasted and blended into the sauce (coined “stealth health”!) with the addition of Butler’s Soy Curls (made of one ingredient – non-GMO soy beans). We call Soy Curls “Lucky Pig” as several folks thought we’d added pork to our pasta.

~Three bean sweet potato chili with cheezy sauce served with a side of tortilla chips (because everything in moderation, especially moderation). Sweet potatoes were cooked with tomatoes and spices and blended (more stealth health!) and added to house-cooked and deliciously seasoned beans and lentils. Later in the program we added crumbled Soy Curls/Lucky Pig – it was a hit. We made our cheezy sauce from blended cooked root veggies, nutritional yeast, extra virgin olive oil, and other natural seasonings.

~Classic nutty peanut butter and jelly (with a healthy twist). House-made jelly allowed us to avoid high fructose corn syrup and control sugar content. Always made using whole wheat, and to the extent we could keep up with the baking (we definitely got into the groove later in the program) house-made organic whole wheat. Sunflower butter was an option for peanut sensitive kids.

~Mini Pizzas made with organic whole wheat flour, topped with Porzio’s pizza sauce and cheezy sauce was a winner.

A note for participants:

Thank you so very much to all our collaborators, patrons, and sponsors for a successful inaugural program! 😁

Through the Power Up! Program, we were able to distribute over 2,400 healthy, plant-based, FREE meals to kids and teens!

We couldn’t have done it without your help! Whether you donated time, funds, materials, transportation, or a combination - thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️🙏

Special thanks to the following organizations: Surfrider Charleston for helping us stay plastic-free and Jana Davis for the grant; Charleston Parks Conservancy, CofC Sustainable Agriculture, Grow Food Carolina, Fields to Families, and Vertical Farms for the donations of healthy, local produce; and the PINK HOUSE Neighborhood Resource Center, Enough Pie, Porzio's, Laundry Matters, Revive Church, The Green Heart Project, and Art and Remedies for providing distribution hubs in your neighborhoods. Team work makes the dream work! 💪😉

If you were able to participate in this program, what was your favorite part or favorite meal? What did the kids and teens like best? Comment below!

Many Mouths fed


Support the Challenge!

This challenge is completely funded by independent supporters and the hosting nonprofits. Both Destiny Community Cafe and The Stone Soup Collective are still accepting donations. Thank you!

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