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Da' Gullah Garden

A fresh aroma of soil and herbs drifted through the shopping center as Lesa Wineglass-Smalls' declaration echoed from behind the podium. Hues of green sprouted from the transformed planters, a bright contrast against the concrete surroundings. Spirits soared, voices united, and hope touched everything and everyone. The Grand Opening of Destiny Community Cafe's Gullah Garden was nothing short of a spiritual awakening.

Ragina Saunder's dream of food justice and Gullah Geechee deliverance reached a new milestone that day. On October 18th, the Gullah Geechee inspired garden officially opened for the Cafe and community. The ceremony humbly blessed the key contributors, including the MUSC Urban Garden, Queen Quet & Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition, Elder Carlie Town Found, Professional Landscape Designers, the many volunteers, and countless more. The serene introduction promised new beginnings and opportunities for the local community.

In addition to providing vital fresh produce and herbs for our Cafe's seasonal menu, our Garden will serve a much higher purpose: an accessible green space and educational guidance for curious plant growers who do not have access to gardens, Gullah roots exposure through heritage plantings, garden therapy for emotional support, culinary classes, and much more.

Da' Gullah Garden exists to inspire and teach. Day by day, seed by seed, meal by meal, our Cafe and Gullah Geechee culture will be remembered and continually repurposed to spread kindness, compassion, and equity. Join our community as we share the healing powers of wholesome foods...Gullah style!

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